Beaded Wedding Gown Weighing400 pounds made

Gail Be from Minnesota, worked wonders by creating a beaded wedding gown that is too heavy for anyone to wear.

She describes this creation of hers to be a work of art and she had taken about three years to design this artistic splendor. She along with 23 other women had deigned this gown at a warehouse. This lady calls herself to be a designer, a bead sculptor as well as an artist. This wedding gown took a long span of about 20000 hours to be completed and contains over a million beads. Gail Be further mentions that this unique gown contains 500,000 glass pearls and crystal beads numbering to 40,000. It even took beading wire of seven miles to construct the same.

The entire gown has been financed by Gail Be and the estimated cost is unknown, however with the amount of labor and large number of beads it may be obviously costly.  One of her creations had been worn by Lady Gaga as a head piece. She however wants the wedding gown to be used in movies and for this purpose she has hired an agency to find studios and costume designers in Los Angeles, interested in her creation. She says that she wants her creativity to be completely highlighted and for this movies are the best medium.

The world record academy has mentioned that this gown named Fantasy by Gail Be, has made the record of the largest beaded wedding dress. However it has not been included in the Guinness Book Of World Records because the process of making the gown had not been viewed by officials.

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